UK Hypnosis Convention - LONDON 28-30TH OCTOBER 2016


The 4th International Hypnosis Convention Arrives In London


Speakers and Presenters having been invited from around the World, will offer their insight and expertise on all things relating to hypnosis and hypnotherapy.


Two full days of informative lectures and pre and post convention classes presented by experienced experts in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.


As in previous years, the convention is open and accessible to ALL hypnosis associations, training schools and individuals.


Offering an unparalleled opportunity in the UK to learn the methods and techniques taught by our International experts.

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4th International Hypnosis Convention 28th - 30th October 2016
Open To All Associations & Training Schools

The main intention is to help progress the hypnosis related professions. It will provide a truly open and inclusive platform where everyone is welcome and everybody is encouraged to actively participate and engage with one another. The convention is fully intended to be an informal and friendly occasion, where everybody is equal and respectful of eachother and appreciative of different skill sets and views. Unlike some other conferences, the organisers will not be seeking to promote their own professional interests during the convention, but rather pushing the agenda of sharing knowledge and promoting hypnosis. To help encourage an atmosphere of friendliness and cooperation, there will be a Gala Dinner on the Saturday night.


    This is an open event where a number of panellists are invited to discuss hypnosis and hypnotherapy related topics.

  • two full days of presentations

    Join a number of guest speakers and presenters to increase your hypnosis knowledge.

  • Saturday Night Dinner

    On Saturday night we all come together for a sit down Dinner & Key note presentation.

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