2022 UKHC Speakers: Sophie Fletcher – The Alchemy of Language and Hypnosis

Sophie Fletcher

Bestselling author of 3 books published by Penguin, hypnotherapist Sophie Fletcher will be presenting “The Alchemy of Language and Hypnosis.”

Although Sophie is known for her work on hypnosis with birth and menopause, her deeper interest is language and how we use it. She has a Masters in European Languages and Culture and her Dissertation was on Alchemical Symbolism in German and English Literature.

Symbols and metaphors have been used in art and literature for centuries. The transformational nature of storytelling rests not just within the stories themselves, but also in the words and symbols that exist within those stories. Märchen, fairy tales, often described the psychological condition, with a focus on individuation. We are all aware of the hypnotic power of storytelling, but why are aspects of storytelling such as metaphor and symbols so powerful?

I’ll introduce you to the concept of a brilliant bilingual brain and will talk about the power of symbols, colour and shapes. You’ll be shown how to introduce them quickly and easily into your therapy room without having to tell stories or use nested loops. Particularly powerful at times of transition, this approach is simple, empowering and effective.

Hear what Sophie has to say here….

Further information about this presentation and details about how to purchase tickets can be found on this website.