December 5, 2018

Apply to be a Presenter


Speaker applications are now closed for the 2019 convention. This page has been left here for reference and the application form has been removed

UKHC Admin

Apply to be a UK Hypnosis Convention Speaker

If you are interested in speaking at the next UK Hypnosis Convention please read through the following information and complete the form at the bottom of this page. Please submit your applications by the 25th January  2019. If you have any questions or need encouragement please contact us at

We seek to embrace the diversity and richness of the hypnosis field and we welcome established leaders as well as newcomers to the field. Please take your time filling out the following application form so that our committee can get an accurate sense of the presentation you are proposing.

Benefits of Speaking at the UK Hypnosis Convention (UKHC)

The UK Hypnosis Convention attracts a wide range of speakers including some who we regard as the top names in the world wide hypnotherapy profession. What motivates them to present their best ideas to their peers?

  • Exposure to a wide multinational audience of Hypnosis Professionals and students.
  • Publicity in pre-Convention promotional materials and related publications.
  • Visibility through official post-Convention educational video footage.
  • Enhancement of your skills and expertise in specific areas.
  • A chance to contribute to the hypnotherapy field by sharing knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Acknowledgement from your professional peers.
  • Service to your profession.
  • Complimentary 3-day convention access (excluding travel and accommodation).

Evaluating your application

Proposals will be evaluated by the 7 person UKHC Speaker Committee. The committee’s evaluation process is based upon some or all of the following:

  • Quality of the content, timeliness, new discovered and/or researched information for the profession, usefulness of your topic, adherence to the ongoing ethos of the UKHC to develop the field and contribution to the positive manner and respect of other professionals within the hypnosis field.
  • Presenter’s background and professional/speaking experience.
  • Information from feedback forms submitted by attendees at previous UKHC events (if any).
  • Quality of the proposal submitted, including thoroughness and accuracy of the proposal form.
  • Appropriateness for the target audience.
  • Quality of the proposal compared to others submitted regarding the same or similar topics.
  • Uniqueness of presentation.
  • Whether you have presented on this topic previously at the UKHC and if so, that it has been sufficiently developed or updated to represent a fresh presentation.

Notifications will follow by the end of February, 2019.

Successful Applications

If your application is successful, you must agree to the following:

  • Provide additional information as requested by the Convention Committee and Staff.
  • Cooperate with the UKHC team on administrative arrangements and meet deadlines.
  • Collaborate with the UKHC in actively promoting the Convention and your part in it.
  • Be available to present on any of the three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) of the Convention at any time scheduled.
  • Allow the UKHC to record the video footage of the presentation for educational purposes.
  • Recognise that the reason for selection is to assist in meeting attendees’ educational needs.
  • Guarantee that you are the sole proprietor of your materials and that no proprietary rights or copyrights belonging to any other person exist with the exception of acquired specific permission.
  • Guarantee that the presentation you are proposing will not be presented in any other hypnosis venue or self-promoted event during the 3 months preceding or following the UKHC. We want the UKHC to be filled with fresh and stimulating content and have a sense of exclusivity (perhaps consider proposing a topic which you are passionate about and/or have not presented before.

Complete and Submit your application here

Each presenter candidate must complete and submit these details for their proposal to be considered. Please provide all the information requested to enable the Convention Committee to evaluate your proposal. We may contact you for additional information not covered by this form.

(Form removed – applications now closed as the deadline has passed)