2023 UKHC Speakers: Susan Wallace – Healing Attachment Wounds

Susan Wallace

We are delighted to be welcoming Susan Wallace for the first time as a speaker at the UK Hypnosis Convention this year, joining us from Ireland.

Susan Wallace is the developer of Emotion and Soma Sensory Hypnotherapy and she is on a mission to encourage hypnotherapists to step outside their comfort zone and offer slower, processed focused hypnotherapy alongside their solution focused, rapid model of hypnotherapy.

Susan’s presentation is on a topic close to my own heart (Adam), and is titled: “Healing Attachment Wounds Through Soma Hypnosis”

Attachment trauma is often a complex form of trauma that can be difficult to work with because the attachment blueprint is imprinted in the subconscious mind and body at the pre-verbal stage of development.

So when clients show up with childhood attachment wounds we have to use a bottom-up, soma hypnosis approach because there is no cognitive memory to work with.

But that’s ok, just like a poker professional can read the thoughts of opponents through observation, we can learn to tune into this implicit body narrative and work with it just as effectively as we do with our clients’ verbal narrative or story.

By the end of Wallace’s one hour workshop, you can expect to have the following new tools in your hypnotherapy tool-kit

A metaphorical way to explain the main types of attachment to clients.
Explore how the (now defunct) Adaptive Brain Model can make it super easy for you to identify the trauma response set.
We will look at how childhood attachment survival challenges show up in our client beliefs, behaviours, verbal narrative and body narrative.
We will finish by getting out of our heads and get into our body with a short soma hypnosis session. The aim will be to identify and begin the process of clearing away some of that soma sensory amnesia that is stopping us from being the best, having the best and giving our best to our clients.

Hear from Susan in this video:

Full details about Susan Wallace, her presentation and how to buy tickets can all be found here at the UKHC website.