UKHC Organiser Adam Eason: How to make the most of your UKHC experience…

Adam Eason

I wanted to share a quick video, something I’ve been meaning to record for a while now – with a couple of reminders and themes that are close to the heart of the convention with a view to helping all those attending make the most of your convention experience. Here is the video:

– Adopt Shoshin (not shoeshine): The “beginner’s mind”.

– Go and attend a “wild card” presentation.

– Communicate with the speakers.

– Connect with others.

– Geek out.

– Seek to raise the bar.

– Embrace the ethos and philosophy.

– Apply critical thinking.

– Give love!

Do share any other thoughts you have from your own previous experience in the comments. Look out for a range of posts coming this week too.

Further information, schedule details and ticket purchase can be found at:

I’ll see you there – bye for now. – Adam.