Video – UKHC2023 Academic Speaker Line-Up Announced

In coming days we’ll be announcing all the UKHC23 post-convention workshops, and in coming weeks we shall be sharing videos from our speakers as we start to gear up for the 2023 UK Hypnosis convention. So you’ll start to see a fair bit more of us.

Prior to that, I’m sharing a video about our academic speakers. As I say in the video, I worked really hard in order to curate this year’s academic speaker line-up. I feel utterly privileged and honoured with the academic line-up we are offering on the Saturday in the main room as we have done each year since I took over the running of the convention. We welcome Professor Amanda Barnier travelling to be with us from Australia, we will also welcome back Professor Zoltan Dienes from the University of West Sussex, we then also welcome Professor Steven Jay Lynn, flying in from the US, who is also our keynote presenter and will deliver a further presentation after our gala dinner on the Saturday night. Also joining us and flying in from the US is Dr Elvira Lang who will be presenting a lecture on the Saturday and who will also run a post-convention workshop on the Monday.

I am really excited at the prospect of all of these presentations, and when you see our full schedule, you’ll see that there is so much more during our 3 days too – a huge amount of hypnosis knowledge on offer. There’ll be videos from our other speakers soon, and as always, further details on all of our presentations and tickets can be purchased from this website.