2023 UKHC Speakers: Dipti Tait – Show Up and Shine

Dipti Tait

The 2023 UKHC is awakening from the Summer slumber and we’ll be sharing videos from our speakers in coming days and weeks to give you a taste of what’s in store this coming November.

First up (of course) is the inimitable Dipti Tait who started her career working in TV – at the BBC in London. She swapped high-heels for a high-chair while her babies (now adults) were growing up – and retrained as a hypnotherapist. Nicknamed “The Darling of Breakfast TV” Dipti now runs a busy Hypnotherapy practice in the Cotswolds and see clients around the world on zoom. Dipti is the Author of Good Grief and Planet Grief and can be regularly found on the Breakfast TV sofa.

This year Dipti will be delivering a presentation on Friday and a workshop on Monday – Show Up and Shine: Don’t Be Bland, Become a Personal Brand.

A Personal Brand is UNIQUE to every hypnotherapist and it must evolve, just like us in our constantly evolving field.

Dipti has developed a personal branding formula 4xW=C which she will be sharing and explaining.

Hear from Dipti here…

Full details about these presentations and how to buy tickets are here at the UKHC website.