2023 UKHC Speakers: Kev Sheldrake – On the Modification of Suggestibility

Kev Sheldrake

Someone who has become an integral part of the UK Hypnosis Convention in a variety of ways, is Kev Sheldrake, who returns and will be lecturing alongside our academics on Saturday at the convention.

Kev is a hacker, magician and hypnotist. He worked with Anthony Jacquin for many years as business partner, writer and producer at Head Hacking: a pioneering company that popularised street hypnosis through products and training, taught hypnosis to magicians, researched academic perspectives on the nature of suggestion, and ran the annual hypnosis conference “change | phenomena”. He has been studying for a Master of Research degree in Psychological Methods which completes in autumn 2023, after which he will be starting a PhD in Phenomenological Control, supervised by Prof Zoltan Dienes.

Kev’s presentation is titled: “On The Modification Of Suggestibility – My Very Own Scientific Study In Phenomenological Control”

Some people are great at taking hypnotic suggestions; some are not so great; and most have moderate abilities. It is often assumed that these skills are fixed and cannot be improved. During my MRes I conducted a study into increasing the capacity for phenomenological control (the ability to respond to suggestion), and in this presentation, I will describe that study and the results we obtained. I will also cover the background of ‘suggestibility’ and the modification of it, and will present useful insights that can be employed by all hypnotists to get better results.

Hear from Kev in this video.

Full details about Kev Sheldrake, his presentation and how to buy tickets can all be found here at the UKHC website.