2023 UKHC Workshop: Kate Beaven-Marks – Hypnotherapy Demos and Presentation Skills

Kate Beaven-Marks

As mentioned yesterday when we posted about her presentation, Kate Beaven-Marks is also running a post convention workshop at this year’s UKHC.

Dr Kate Beaven-Marks is an enthusiastic, experienced clinical hypnotist, trainer, presenter and author. Her far-reaching knowledge, extensive studies, and research are applied in professional settings and a busy hypnotherapy practice. She is passionate about the hypnotherapy profession and raising education standards. Founder of both HypnoTC and Hypnosis-Courses, as well as teaching EMDR and hypnotherapy, she is a sought-after clinical supervisor and has an active role on the Profession Specific Board for Hypnotherapy with the CNHC.

Kate’s workshop is titled: “Hypno demos and presentation skills workshop.”

Develop your ‘Show Me Something Skills’ as you gain confidence and skills with the HypnoDemo approach

This highly practical and interactive workshop will develop your confidence in presenting to audiences and demonstrating a range of awesome tests, inductions, deepeners and hypnotic phenomena to really capture and keep your audience’s attention. During the workshop you will also learn essential information about how to elevate your natural presentation skills, address performance anxiety, select the right hypnosis approaches to demonstrate, finely tune your performance and optimise the experience for yourself and your audience.

Hear from Kate in this video.

Full details about Dr Kate Beaven-Marks, her workshop and how to buy tickets can all be found here at the UKHC website.