2023 UKHC Speakers: Joni Neidigh – Gold Medal Mental Toughness for Athletes

Joni Neidigh

We’re delighted to announce another presenter who is presenting for the first time at this year’s UK Hypnosis Convention, joining us from the US is Joni Neidigh.

Joni Johnston Neidigh is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida and has been in private practice for over 30 years. Joni is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and ICBCH Trainer who specializes in athletic performance. She has mentored and hypnotized individual athletes, coaches, and teams from age-group to Olympians and professionals. She is best known for her extensive experience traveling to deliver her signature “team talks” about the power of the mind. Joni works with sports teams, corporate events, conferences and coaches’ clinics. She has hosted international coaches and teams including Spain, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Scotland, Canada, and more.

Joni’s presentation is titled: “Gold Medal Mental Toughness for Athletes – How to conduct a powerful first session with your sports hypnosis client..”

This presentation introduces the use of a tool called the Mental Toughness Assessment for Athletes in order to show participants a way to develop rapid rapport and trust with a new client, develop themes that help the client articulate the problem more easily, and assist with a variety of successful changes during the first hypnosis session.

A case study will be presented from start to finish allowing time for discussion and questions after segments throughout. Participants will receive a code that will provide them with access to the Mental Toughness Assessment to be used with their sports hypnosis clients. The video demonstration includes conversational hypnosis as well as a formal hypnosis session.

I (Adam) am really excited about this presentation! Hear from Joni in this video.

Full details about Joni Neidigh, her presentation and how to buy tickets can all be here found at the UKHC website.