2022 UKHC Post-Convention Workshop: Tim Box – The CONTROL System

Tim Box

This morning, I caught up with the one and only Tim Box. 

On Monday the 14th of November, Tim will be delivering his one day post-convention “The CONTROL System workshop.” 

In 2015 Tim formalised his method of non-trance hypnosis: CONTROL.

Realising that this was a method people could not only be used for client work but perhaps more significantly to make personal changes without a therapist involved, he began to run one-day workshops to teach people how to apply this method for themselves.

This interactive workshop will teach you the basics of the method and how to apply the CONTROL system for personal change.

Attendees will:
– Learn the seven step CONTROL system.
– Be able to make any further personal changes they wish in the future using this method.
– Understand the principles behind using CONTROL with clients.
– Come away with several methods of direct communication with their own subconscious.
– Come away with the understanding of how to maintain and manage their own mindset.
– Make a personal change on the day!

As you’ll hear, Tim has not run this personally for a couple of years and may not be running it again for a while, full details can be found at the UKHC website…. Hear what Tim has to say here. 

Details of how to purchase tickets for this workshop can be found on this website.