2023 UKHC Speakers: Sheila Granger – The 15 SECRETS that Super-Successful Hypnotherapists use to Build Their Practice

Sheila Granger

Sheila Granger is going to be back at the UK Hypnosis Convention this year. You’ll be able to come and see her at her table in the convention reception area, and she’ll be presenting again.

A UK Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sheila’s mission is to educate, motivate, help and inspire other practitioners to achieve more than they thought possible. Most known for the Virtual Gastric Band weight loss protocol that’s helped thousands of hypnosis practitioners across the globe launch and grow their practices, Sheila has taken hypnosis into almost all walks of life. From working with the homeless through to hospitals, schools and businesses. She was the IMDHA Hypnotist of the year in 2019 and her own business won the national UK business of the year in 2021. A multi best selling author on Amazon Sheila constantly tests the boundaries of what is possible with hypnosis and a hypnosis business. And, has enabled others to help over 140,000 clients with hypnosis! She’s ego free with a big dollop of “”can do”” attitude!

Sheila’s presentation is titled: “The 15 SECRETS that Super-Successful Hypnotherapists use to Build Their Practice.”

Gain a Predictable, Consistent Flow of Clients and Earn a Fabulous Income whilst simultaneously helping people change and improve their lives with hypnosis!

Having built a hypnotherapy clinic with a consistent stream of 35+ clients per week, mentored hypnotherapists globally to achieve their business goals, and won the UK Business of the Year – in the middle of a pandemic! – Sheila discovered that there are just 15 SECRETS to the building of a wildly successful hypnosis practice.

Whether you work online or in person, these 15 SECRETS are unknown or ignored by most hypnotherapists!

Discover all 15 SECRETS in this fast paced presentation

It will be a 100% P-R-A-C-T-I-C-A-L session, with the opportunity for you to get your questions answered as well!

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner with years of experience, or a newly-qualified beginner taking your first steps, there is something here for you!

You’ll leave with your very own personal blueprint for your hypnosis business

Hear from Sheila here in this video.

Full details about Sheila Granger, his presentation and how to buy tickets can all be found here at the UKHC website.

If you think that I (Adam) should invite Sheila to present on the topic of how to have such a beautifully clean, pristine, today office next year, let me know. I am keen to also discover those secrets.