2023 UKHC Workshop: Artur Makiela & Lech Debski – Stand! Amaze! Deliver!

Artur Makieła

In addition to our previous post about his presentation, Artur Makiela is also running a post convention workshop with Lech Debski at this year’s UKHC.

Lech Debski is an MD, a psychiatrist, and an NLP Trainer certified by Richard Bandler, Chris Hall, and John Overdurf. He has been using hypnosis and NLP in his clinical practice since 1998 and has been teaching it since 2000. He specialises first and foremost in Ericksonian and Conversational Hypnosis. Due to his vast knowledge and experience, he has been invited as a guest expert on hypnosis and mental health subjects to many TV shows. Artur Makiela is a hypnotist and hypnotherapist with over 10 years of experience. Founder of the Professional School of Hypnotherapy and Stage Hypnosis Masterclass. TV expert on the Polish version of You’re Back in the Room primetime game show. Television and radio hypnosis expert on various TV channels (MTV, TVN, TVN24BiS, TTV, TVP). Author of press articles (Nature & Health Magazine, Businessman Today). 5-times TEDx speaker. The main purpose of his practice is to teach hypnotherapists and stage hypnotists how to be well-prepared and to support speakers and presenters in the process of preparing for their keynote speeches.

Artur and Lech’s workshop is titled: “Stand! Amaze! Deliver!.”

How to delight and amaze your audience with your hypnotic presentation skills

How to engage and hook your audience within the very first minutes of your presentation
How to use hypnotic skills to make training sessions and presentations irresistible to your audience
How to avoid three common mistakes that even experienced hypnotists and trainers make
How to make your presentations not only informative but also entertaining
This half-day training will enhance your presentation skills so that your presentations and demonstrations become even more memorable, recognised and talked about. You will learn secrets that distinguished trainers such as Richard Bandler, Chris Hall and John Overdurf revealed only during their Trainers’ Training.

Hear from them both in this video.

Full details about Artur Makiela and Lech Debski, their workshop and how to buy tickets can all be found here at the UKHC website.