Lech Dębski

2023 UKHC Speakers: Lech Debski – Conversational Hypnosis

We welcome Lech Debski back to the UK Hypnosis Convention as one of our presenters this year… As well as the presentation below, he will be running a post-convention workshop with Artur Makiela on Monday, do go and take a look. Lech says: I am an MD, a psychiatrist, an NLP Trainer certified by Richard[…]

Artur Makieła

2023 UKHC Workshop: Artur Makiela & Lech Debski – Stand! Amaze! Deliver!

In addition to our previous post about his presentation, Artur Makiela is also running a post convention workshop with Lech Debski at this year’s UKHC. Lech Debski is an MD, a psychiatrist, and an NLP Trainer certified by Richard Bandler, Chris Hall, and John Overdurf. He has been using hypnosis and NLP in his clinical[…]