2023 UKHC Speakers: Tim Box – The IMduction

Tim Box

One presenter we are delighted to welcome back to the convention is Tim Box. Tim encapsulates the ethos of the UK Hypnosis Convention with his generosity of spirit and last year he made me (Adam) belly laugh during his entertaining and highly informative presentation….

Tim is a Remedial Hypnotist, author, public speaker and creator of the CONTROL System, a method for change that utilises hypnotic techniques and phenomena whilst removing the need for any formal trance or induction process. 
He has spent the last decade running a full time therapeutic practice in the UK and training others in his method. Tim has now trained more than 100 CONTROL Practitioners throughout the globe.

Tim’s presentation is titled: “The IMduction”

How To Get People To Hypnotise Themselves

Tim adds: At last year’s UKHC I intended to finish my presentation by showing you my IMduction; an induction that you definitely haven’t seen before. I then ran out of time. In this year’s presentation, I will demonstrate and fully break down this super simple induction.

You’ll learn how to create fast hypnotic phenomena that gets the client to effectively hypnotise themselves and how to then utilise that process to simplify your changework and empower your client.

Hear from Tim in this video.

Full details about Tim Box, his presentation and how to buy tickets can all be found here at the UKHC website.