2023 UKHC Speakers: Nick Davies – The BLAST Technique

Nick Davies

We welcome back Nick Davies at this year’s UK Hypnosis Convention.

Nick is a leading Media-Friendly International Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Body Language Expert and Trainer, who has written and been interviewed in over 300 articles for the media in the last few years. He is known affectionately as ‘The PTSD Whisperer’ because of his specialism in treating trauma quickly and permanently. Nick has appeared as an expert guest on ITV News, BBC CWR, Men’s Radio and been published in Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Daily Telegraph, The Times, Sunday Mirror, Daily Express, The Sun, The Mirror, Sunday Post, Daily Star, Women’s Health, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Own, VT, Feel Good You, Russia Today, Take a Break, Health & Wellbeing and has appeared on the radio several times championing mental health.

Nick’s presentation is titled: “The BLAST Technique – Fast, effective, permanent treatment for PTSD and trauma.”

An interactive presentation of how PTSD and trauma is stored in the brain, the neuroscience behind it and why it doesn’t respond well to talking therapies, instead, suppressing or repressing the trauma and coming out in a variety of other representations; rashes, numbness, tics, addictions etc. I will explain the research behind this and what EMDR misses and how we can treat it much more quickly, effectively and permanently.

Hear from Nick in this video.

Full details about Nick Davies, his presentation and how to buy tickets can all be found here at the UKHC website.