2022 UKHC Speakers: Rob De Groof – Mentalism for Hypnotherapists

Rob De Groof

Rob De Groof returns to the UK Hypnosis Convention this year, presenting “Mentalism for Hypnotherapists – Use Mentalism as a Gateway to Hypnosis.” Rob is one of Europe’s leading hypnotists and the owner of the very successful HypnosisCentre.be in Belgium and is owner and head trainer of the European Hypnosis Academy. He is the author of the book “Mentalism for Hypnotherapists” and the presenter of the online show: “The Art of Simple Hypnosis”.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to use mental effects with a hypnotic twist to promote your therapy business or to entertain your friends, clients or family. In this lecture Rob will explain why it is handy to know a few mentalism effects to gain clients for your hypnotherapy business. He will also explain 2 effects you can learn easily and start using right away. Hear what he has to say in this video….

Further information and details of ticket purchase can be found on this website.