2023 UKHC Speakers: Amye Scharlau – Hypnosis and Pop Culture!

Amye Scharlau

Between now and Friday I’ll be sharing the final batch of presenter videos before we begin our two week countdown. This evening though, I thought I’d share with you the ray of hypnotic sunshine that is Amye Scharlau, the only presenter who sings her way through her presenter video. Amye featured in my highlights photos from last year’s convention, she is always full of energy, huge smile on her face and often carrying props around (such as hula hoops last year!)….

Amye Scharlau is certified as an instructor in hypnosis by two internationally recognized organizations, as well as being an international speaker. She holds degrees in art and theater! Her presentations are lively and interactive, prepare to learn and have fun! She brings her training, experience, exceptional interpersonal skills, and the joy of healing into every presentation. Her clients are successful losing weight, stopping smoking, dealing with stress, building confidence, and navigating through life.

Amye’s presentation is titled: “Hypnosis and Pop Culture!”

This is by far my most popular presentation! Prepare to laugh and learn! Explore the most common misperceptions of hypnosis as shown by popular media across the globe and where they originated. Participants will be able to build better rapport with their clients by knowing what information they have been exposed to, how to respectfully correct misinformation, and build positive images of hypnotists and hypnosis.

Hear from Amye in this video.

Full details about Aye Scharlau, her presentation and how to buy tickets can all be found here at the UKHC website.