2022 UKHC Speakers: Artur Makiela – Stage Hypnosis Behind the Scenes

Artur Makieła

Polish TV star and most renowned hypnotist in Poland, Artur Makiela, joins us this year and will be presenting “Stage Hypnosis Behind the Scenes – Revealing secrets of stage hypnosis.” Many people wonder if the stage hypnosis show is real or fake. Artur is going take us behind the scenes to reveal some hypnotic secrets.
He’s going to offer answers to several questions:
– Instant inductions – Is it possible to get into a trance while the hypnotist is snapping fingers
– How to find if someone is cheating or really following the process
– How to act with people to encourage them to come on stage
– Hypnosis TV show – real or fake

Hear from Artur here…

Further information about this presentation and details about how to purchase tickets can be found on this website.