2023 UKHC Speakers: Sean Michael Andrews – Lies Hypnotists Tell

Sean Michael Andrews

I (Adam) love it when I hear of special moments and highlights happening in and around the convention each year. Last year, with the Windsor Room packed to the rafters, Sean Michael Andrews provided so many exciting, fun-filled talking points and highlights that we kept on hearing about throughout the weekend. He’s back with us this year!

Sean Michael Andrews, a graduate of Regents College, is a Master Practitioner of NLP and a Certified Hypnosis Instructor with NGH and IMDHA. Sean is the Supervising Instructor for the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute. He was named Hypnotist of the Year in 2018 (IACT) and 2013 (MAHC). Sean, who holds a black belt in Taijutsu Karate, has taught hypnosis in 19 countries. Many consider him to be the World’s Fastest Hypnotist.

Sean’s presentation is titled: “Lies Hypnotists Tell.”

He says – Hypnotists lie to their clients. They lie to other hypnotists and they even lie to themselves. Why do we do this? Is there a difference between a good lie and a bad lie? Are some lies justifiable? Join Sean Michael Andrews for a light-hearted presentation full of fun demonstrations as he discusses the most common lies hypnotists tell and explores their origins, while pondering—should we still say these things?

Sean explains more in this video.

Full details about Sean Michael Andrews, his presentation and how to buy tickets can be found here at the UKHC website.