2022 UKHC Speakers: Fredric Mau – Hypnotic Technology for Pain Relief at Home

Fredric Mau

US mental health counselor and hypnotherapist Fredric Mau, along with colleague Dr Teny Henry Gomez will be presenting “Hypnotic Technology for Pain Relief at Home” this year. In this exclusive presentation, they will describe the first-ever randomised controlled human trial of virtual reality assisted guided imagery in a home setting. This process uses three hypnotic metaphors based on seasons to create numbness, alter pain perception by altering the associated learning channel, and reduce pain via reducing general anxiety. The goal is not mere distraction for a brief interval, but to diminish the patient’s ongoing perception of pain. Really exciting. Hear what Fredric has to say here….

Further information and details of how to purchase tickets can be found here on this website.