Marc McDermott

2022 UKHC Speakers: Marc McDermott – Milton Stripped – The Human Interactive System

Marc McDermott returns to the UK Hypnosis Convention and this year is presenting “Milton Stripped – The Human Interactive System”. Over the last 23 years, Marc has studied extensively with the best hypnosis trainers in the World, and is fascinated by the relationship between the structure of language and the and the structure of consciousness[…]

Kev Sheldrake

2022 UKHC Speakers: Kev Sheldrake – The Science of Hypnotic Induction

The inimitable Kev Sheldrake is back this year at the UK Hypnosis Convention, he’ll be presenting “The Science of Hypnotic Induction: Using peer-reviewed studies to find the best and worst inductions.” Hypnotic inductions have been used and improved upon since the days of James Braid. But what does academia have to say about them? Are[…]

Fredric Mau

2022 UKHC Speakers: Fredric Mau – Hypnotic Technology for Pain Relief at Home

US mental health counselor and hypnotherapist Fredric Mau, along with colleague Dr Teny Henry Gomez will be presenting “Hypnotic Technology for Pain Relief at Home” this year. In this exclusive presentation, they will describe the first-ever randomised controlled human trial of virtual reality assisted guided imagery in a home setting. This process uses three hypnotic[…]