Sophie Fletcher

2022 UKHC Speakers: Sophie Fletcher – The Alchemy of Language and Hypnosis

Bestselling author of 3 books published by Penguin, hypnotherapist Sophie Fletcher will be presenting “The Alchemy of Language and Hypnosis.” Although Sophie is known for her work on hypnosis with birth and menopause, her deeper interest is language and how we use it. She has a Masters in European Languages and Culture and her Dissertation[…]

Linda Bromage

2022 UKHC Speakers: Linda Bromage – Hypnosis is Phenomenal

Dental professional, hypnotherapist and lecturer at UCL in Dental Hypnosis Linda Bromage will be presenting “Hypnosis is Phenomenal – Introducing Neurophenomenology to hypnosis” at this year’s convention.  Although the social interaction is basic to some definitions of hypnotic procedures (Barnier & Nash, 2008), very little, if anything, is written about it in research reports. A[…]

Andrew Workman

2022 UKHC Speakers: Andy Workman – Treating PTSD Without the Usual Trauma

With over a decade of clinical practice experience, combined with over thirty years of service as a police officer (both military and civil), hypnotherapist Andy Workman joins us this year and will be presenting “Targeting the Triggers – Treating PTSD without the usual Trauma.” This session looks at the condition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder[…]

Tim Box

2022 UKHC Post-Convention Workshop: Tim Box – The CONTROL System

This morning, I caught up with the one and only Tim Box.  On Monday the 14th of November, Tim will be delivering his one day post-convention “The CONTROL System workshop.”  In 2015 Tim formalised his method of non-trance hypnosis: CONTROL. Realising that this was a method people could not only be used for client work but[…]

Tom Faith

2022 UKHC Speakers: Tom Faith – HELIX – The DNA of Hypnosis

Author, hypnotist, mentalist, trainer and coach with over 30 years of experience on both show and business stages, Tom Faith joins us this year from Germany and will be presenting “HELIX – The DNA of Hypnosis – A fresh view on hypnosis, suggestion and instant changes of perceived reality.” HELIX is a new, holistic concept[…]

Sue Peacock

2022 UKHC Speakers: Dr Sue Peacock – How do Hypnotherapist’s Self-Care?

Award-winning Consultant Health Psychologist and hypnotherapist Dr Sue Peacock will be presenting “How Do Hypnotherapist’s Self-Care? – Preventing Burnout” at this year’s UK Hypnosis Convention. Hypnotherapists are potentially regularly exposed to traumatic and distressing clients’ stories, with it brings a possibility of a significant risk of burnout. It’s often assumed that our training as hypnotherapists[…]

Rachel Gillibrand

2022 UKHC Speakers: Rachel Gillibrand – This Therapy Works

Researcher, hypnotherapist and trainer Rachel Gillibrand will be presenting “This Therapy Works! Using EEG to Reveal How the Brain Responds to Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.” This presentation delivers the findings of Rachel’s research project into the use of EEG (electroencephalogram) to demonstrate the effect of hypnosis on the brain. Carried out at the University of the[…]

Nick Davies

2022 UKHC Speakers: Nick Davies – The Addiction Myth

Psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, trainer and speaker Nick Davies will deliver his presentation ““The Addiction Myth” – Treating Addiction” at the 2022 UK Hypnosis Convention. Nick is known as “The PTSD Whisperer” because of his specialism in treating PTSD and trauma quickly and permanently with a treatment he created called the BLAST Technique®. Nick’s presentation will include[…]

Barbara Scholl

2022 UKHC Speakers: Barbara Scholl – Hypnokids From Switzerland

Barbara Scholl is bring her passion for helping teens and children improve their mental health, from Switzerland to the UK Hypnosis Convention this year. She’ll be presenting “HypnoKids from Switzerland: come and fall in LOVE with Kids & Teens hypnosis!” Globally there is an immense need for Hypnotherapists for children & adolescents. Barbara will introduce[…]

Artur Makieła

2022 UKHC Speakers: Artur Makiela – Stage Hypnosis Behind the Scenes

Polish TV star and most renowned hypnotist in Poland, Artur Makiela, joins us this year and will be presenting “Stage Hypnosis Behind the Scenes – Revealing secrets of stage hypnosis.” Many people wonder if the stage hypnosis show is real or fake. Artur is going take us behind the scenes to reveal some hypnotic secrets.[…]

Michael Beligiannis & Shin Mads Aggerholm

2022 UKHC Speakers: Michael Beligiannis and Mads Aggerholm – Hypnosis War

Our other presentation with two presenters promises to be a real treat. Michael Beligiannis and Mads Aggerholm present “Hypnosis War – The Battle of Ideas – the Mini Convention in the Convention.” Mads and Michael differ heavily in theoretical standpoints and the rationales of hypnosis and their approaches. Always discussing and commenting on each other’s[…]

Jane Turner

2022 UKHC Speakers: Jane Turner – Resources Online

Clinical Psychologist, psychotherapist and Former President of the French Society of Hypnosis, Jane Turner joins us from Paris and will be presenting “Resources On Line” at the 2022 UKHC. She has practised, taught and written on Ericksonian Hypnosis for over 35 years, regularly presenting her work at conferences. She is the author/co-author of several books[…]

Jess Roper

2022 UKHC Speakers: Jess Roper – The Key to Clarity

Two-time English kickboxing champion and 2nd-degree blackbelt Jess Roper will be presenting “The Key to Clarity” at this year’s UK Hypnosis Convention. Create your Ikigai (pronounced Ick – eee – guy), which translates from Japanese to ‘your reason for being’. Jess helps you identify exactly what you are working towards, to enjoy your game of[…]

Sabine Volkmann

2022 UKHC Speakers: Sabine Volkmann – Driving School Mental Coach – Exam Anxiety

Joining us from Dublin, Sabine Volkmann will be presenting “Driving School Mental Coach – Exam Anxiety” at UKHC 2022. In recent years, Sabine has developed a concept for driving instructors, the Driving School Mental Coach, which is about test anxiety, driving anxiety and how driving schools can get their students through the test. This has[…]

Sean Michael Andrews

2022 UKHC Speakers: Sean Michael Andrews – You’re a Hypnotist? Can You Show me Something?

Considered by many to be the World’s Fastest Hypnotist, the one and only Sean Michael Andrews is joining us from the US and he’ll be presenting “You’re a Hypnotist? Can You Show Me Something?” What should you do when people ask you to show them some hypnosis? Many hypnotists struggle with this situation. Should you[…]

Mario Lima

2022 UKHC Presenters: Mario Lima – Create Your Own Hypnotic Repertoire

President of the Scientific Council of the Portuguese Association of Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis (APHCH), Mario Lima joins us at this year’s UKHC and will be presenting “Create your own Hypnotic Repertoire.” Don’t you agree that if you use your own words and thought processes, you will look much more genuine and persuasive when performing[…]

Markus Lehnert

2022 UKHC Speakers: Markus Lenhert – Is Age Regression Really Beneficial for Hypnosis Clients?

Frankfurt based hypnotherapist, trainer and author Markus Lenhert joins us for this year’s UK Hypnosis Convention where he’ll be presenting “Is Age Regression Really Beneficial for Hypnosis Clients?.” For decades, students in hypnosis training have been taught the importance of going to the root cause of each symptom or incident and resolving or working through[…]

Kathy Gruver

2022 UKHC Speakers: Kathy Gruver – Creating a Values Based Practice

Life coach, speaker, author and hypnotherapist with 30+ years of experience, Kathy Gruver visits us once again from the US, this time out she is presenting “Creating a Values-Based Practice.” Do you know what your core life and business values are? If not, you may be missing out on the keys that will help you[…]

Linda Witchell

2022 UKHC Speakers: Linda Witchell – Managing Test Anxiety with Hypnosis

Award-winning hypnotherapist Linda Witchell will be presenting “Managing Test Anxiety with Hypnosis” at this year’s UK Hypnosis Convention. Test anxiety has a huge impact on not only the individual but also society. Tests, exams and other knowledge and skills measures are everywhere in life. There are tests at school, college, university and work but they[…]

Karen Puttick

2022 UKHC Speakers: Karen Puttick – Adaptive Hypnotherapy for Children

The Hypnotic Happiness Coach herself, Karen Puttick returns to the UKHC this year with her presentation “Adaptive Hypnotherapy for Children.” Karen specialises in working with children and young people, some with SENs. In this presentation you’ll learn how to adapt the skills you already have as a hypnotherapist to work effectively with children. Hear what[…]

Richard Hill

2022 Pre-Convention Workshop: Richard Hill – Client Responsive Hypnosis – Mirroring Hands

Adam chatted with Richard Hill this morning. Richard will be delivering a full day pre-convention workshop on Thursday the 10th November: “Client-Responsive Hypnosis – Mirroring Hands.” Here is a small snippet about what’s on offer that day – including discussion about Richard’s close working mentorship, co-authorship and friendship with Ernest Rossi and we discuss Rossi’s[…]

Marc McDermott

2022 UKHC Speakers: Marc McDermott – Milton Stripped – The Human Interactive System

Marc McDermott returns to the UK Hypnosis Convention and this year is presenting “Milton Stripped – The Human Interactive System”. Over the last 23 years, Marc has studied extensively with the best hypnosis trainers in the World, and is fascinated by the relationship between the structure of language and the and the structure of consciousness[…]

Kev Sheldrake

2022 UKHC Speakers: Kev Sheldrake – The Science of Hypnotic Induction

The inimitable Kev Sheldrake is back this year at the UK Hypnosis Convention, he’ll be presenting “The Science of Hypnotic Induction: Using peer-reviewed studies to find the best and worst inductions.” Hypnotic inductions have been used and improved upon since the days of James Braid. But what does academia have to say about them? Are[…]

Fredric Mau

2022 UKHC Speakers: Fredric Mau – Hypnotic Technology for Pain Relief at Home

US mental health counselor and hypnotherapist Fredric Mau, along with colleague Dr Teny Henry Gomez will be presenting “Hypnotic Technology for Pain Relief at Home” this year. In this exclusive presentation, they will describe the first-ever randomised controlled human trial of virtual reality assisted guided imagery in a home setting. This process uses three hypnotic[…]

Garry Coles

2022 Pre-Convention Workshop: Garry Coles – Hypno-Oncology

Adam chatted with Garry Coles today. Gary will be delivering a full day pre-convention workshop on Friday the 10th November: “Hypno-Oncology.” Here is a small snippet about what’s on offer that day – including discussion about the importance of training with the right kind of professional when working in this area. Further details, booking information[…]

Damon Cart

2022 Post-Convention Workshop: Damon Cart – Becoming Transformational

Adam caught up with Damon Cart at the end of last week. Damon will be delivering a full day post-convention workshop on Monday the 14th November: “Becoming Transformational.” Here is a small snippet about what’s on offer that day – including the prospect of transformation for those who attend as well as for your clients.[…]

Sue Peacock and Sheila Granger

2022 Pre-Convention Workshop: Dr Sue Peacock & Sheila Granger – Hypnosis for Long-Term Health Conditions

Dr Sue Peacock and Sheila Granger will be delivering a full day pre-convention workshop on Thursday the 10th November: “Hypnosis for Long Term Health Conditions.”  Here is a small snippet about what’s on offer that day – including some amazing business resources for those who attend.  Further details, booking information and price can be found[…]

Martin S Taylor

2022 UKHC Speakers: Martin S Taylor –

Martin S Taylor will be presenting “Stage Hypnosis – Theory and Practice” at this year’s UK Hypnosis Convention. Martin became interested in hypnosis in 1980, and gave a lecture-demonstration at Imperial College in 1981. This was so successful he was invited back repeatedly. Word spread, and he has performed regularly (and, for the last 30[…]

Peter Kingsford Petley

2022 UKHC Speakers: Peter Kingsford Petley – Quantum Timeline Alteration

We welcome Peter Kingsford Petley as a speaker at the UK Hypnosis Convention for the first time this year, he’ll be presenting “Quantum Timeline Alteration (QTA) – The White Queen Protocol” which is a new approach to resolving past traumas/events that are still affecting the client in the present. QTA suggests that there are multiple[…]

Daniel Browne

2022 UKHC Speakers: Daniel Browne –

We are really happy that Daniel Browne is returning this year with a 2 hour presentation “How to Be an LGBT+ Affirmative Therapist (The Deep Dive Edition) – Helping you boost your knowledge and confidence in working with LGBT+ clients. Daniel is a leading authority on LGBT+ affirmative therapy. In private practice since 2009, Daniel[…]

Garry Coles

2022 UKHC Speakers: Garry Coles – Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) -The next big thing in mind/body medicine?

Garry Coles has been a mainstay of the UKHC in previous years, he returns this year to present “Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) -The next big thing in mind/body medicine?” With over 15 years’ experience as a full-time hypnotherapist, Garry is one of a small number in the UK to hold an MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy. The presentation[…]

Rob De Groof

2022 UKHC Speakers: Rob De Groof – Mentalism for Hypnotherapists

Rob De Groof returns to the UK Hypnosis Convention this year, presenting “Mentalism for Hypnotherapists – Use Mentalism as a Gateway to Hypnosis.” Rob is one of Europe’s leading hypnotists and the owner of the very successful in Belgium and is owner and head trainer of the European Hypnosis Academy. He is the author[…]

Amye Scharlau

2022 UKHC Speakers: Amye Scharlau – “Drawing” Conclusions: The Art and Hypnosis Connection

We are really proud to be announcing another exclusive presentation at this year’s UKHC. US based Amye Scharlaureturns to the UK Hypnosis Convention to debut her presentation – “Drawing” Conclusions: The Art and Hypnosis Connection. Combine the joy of art with the science of hypnosis for client change. Amye uses her art degree to create colouring[…]

Damon Cart

2022 UKHC Speakers: Damon Cart – Making Transformation Predictable

We are delighted that we’ll be welcoming Damon Cart from the US to the UK Hypnosis Convention, he’ll be presenting “Making Transformation Predictable” and will also be delivering a post-convention workshop that I’ll be sharing an interview I recorded with him very soon. Personal development and therapy is about transformation whether you’re trying to achieve[…]