Damon Cart

2022 Post-Convention Workshop: Damon Cart – Becoming Transformational

Adam caught up with Damon Cart at the end of last week. Damon will be delivering a full day post-convention workshop on Monday the 14th November: “Becoming Transformational.” Here is a small snippet about what’s on offer that day – including the prospect of transformation for those who attend as well as for your clients.[…]

Damon Cart

2022 UKHC Speakers: Damon Cart – Making Transformation Predictable

We are delighted that we’ll be welcoming Damon Cart from the US to the UK Hypnosis Convention, he’ll be presenting “Making Transformation Predictable” and will also be delivering a post-convention workshop that I’ll be sharing an interview I recorded with him very soon. Personal development and therapy is about transformation whether you’re trying to achieve[…]

UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Marc McDermott

Marc has a passion for ongoing development and has trained with some of the best hypnosis trainers in the world including Richard Bandler, Paul Mckenna and Tad James. In this interview he talks about his approach to hypnosis, about listening carefully to the client to people to help uncover the answers that they need to[…]