UKHC 2024 Workshops: Rob de Groof – Unlock the Power of Rapid Hypnosis

Rob De Groof

ONE-DAY TRAINING: Fast & Powerful Inductions with Rob De Groof

Are you ready to elevate your hypnosis skills to the next level? Join us for an exclusive post-conference training at the UK Hypnosis Convention designed specifically for hypnotists and hypnotherapists who want to master the art of fast and effective inductions.

What You’ll Learn: Fast & Powerful Inductions

Rob De Groof has curated a deluxe package of twenty-two carefully selected inductions, ensuring you gain the expertise to hypnotize anyone swiftly and effectively. This comprehensive training covers each induction in detail, along with eight essential tips on safety, mindset, and choosing the right technique for every situation.

Why This Training?

Hands-On Course: Experience practical, real-world training that prepares you for immediate application.
22 Inductions: Master a variety of inductions suitable for therapy, demonstrations, or entertainment.
Online Access: Enjoy lifetime access to our online school, where you can revisit all the demonstrations and explanations at your convenience.
Transform Your Practice:

Did you know there are over a hundred techniques to induce hypnosis? Many hypnotists still rely on lengthy relaxation methods, but with our training, you’ll learn how to achieve deep hypnosis in just a few seconds. Rapid inductions aren’t just for show—they’re perfect for therapeutic settings, too.

Fun and Easy Techniques:

Be amazed at how quickly and effortlessly you can guide someone into hypnosis. Our twenty-two inductions, combined with eight short lessons on safety and mindset, are simple to apply and highly effective. You’ll never have to spend hours inducing hypnosis again.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned hypnotist or a beginner, these easy-to-apply techniques are perfect for both therapy and entertainment.
Sign Up Now and Become a master of rapid hypnosis and revolutionize your practice.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become an expert in instant inductions. Early purchasers can secure their spot today and take advantage of BOTH training bonuses! Details below.

Rob De Groof is an award-winning trainer and one of Europe’s leading hypnotists. He is the owner of the very successful in Belgium where he is working together with 8 hypnotherapists in 4 different cities. As the owner and head trainer of the European Hypnosis Academy he has already trained close to thousands students in the wonderful art of direct hypnosis while teaching at his school in Belgium or while traveling the world. As the official trainer of his mentor, the late Jeffrey Stephens, one of his goals is to keep Jeffrey’s techniques and approach alive. Rob is also a trainer for Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band, Bob Burns’ The Swan and the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute. He is the author of the book ‘Mentalism for Hypnotherapists’ and the presenter of the online show: ‘The Art of Simple Hypnosis’ He created the following hypnosis protocols: HypnoFasting (The Power Combo), Hypnosis4Golfers, Stop4Ever and Hypnotic Breast Enlargement. In April 2022 his new book: ‘Stop It!’ was released.

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