UKHC 2024 Speakers: Natalia Szymkowiak – From 0 to Multi Orgasm Therapy

Natalia Szymkowiak

Last year, one of our most talked about and well-attended presentations was one that discussed the application of hypnosis to advance one’s sex life and sexual exploration. So we’re delighted that Natalia joins our speaker line-up for the first time this year at 10 am on the Saturday of this year’s convention, in the Southwark room, with a presentation certain to be popular again, and raise temperatures.

How to Help Your Clients to Have a Satisfying Sexual Life

A study shows 56% of the UK agrees with the statement, “My overall quality of life would improve if my sexual life improved” (source: Let’s Talk About Sex: The UK Report 2, 2023)

The presentation gives an overview of how hypnotherapy can help in improving sexual life. Taking into consideration:
– factors that impact libido (stress, low self-esteem)
– emotions in sexual life (how to transcend feeling guilty, frustrated or ashamed) -What is the difference between high-energy and low-energy sex?
– intimacy (what people truly believe about intimacy and how this impacts sexual life)

The presentation is structured in the following way:

Importance of sexual life
Challenges related to sexual life
Tools and ways to help clients
Giveaway of step by step list to follow to help their clients reach a satisfying sexual life
Data on sexual life in UK and Poland and cases from my practice will be used to support the presentation.

Hypnotherapist with 5-year practice, working 1:1 and also leading a group. Specialising in working with athletes, health-related causes, low self esteem. Speaker at the world hypnosis conference – Hypnothought 2024 with the speech – How to empower your client with tools of mental training? Ex Polish Rowing National Team Representative, Polish National Champs Medalists. Commentator at Polish Rowing Championships, European Rowing Championships, World Rowing Cups

Hear more from Natalia in this video clip.

Further information, full schedule and tickets can be purchased here at the convention website.