UKHC 2024 Speakers: Sinisa Kruska – Parts Therapy as a Gateway to a Deep Transformation in the Client

Sinisa Kruska

Having been a familiar face previously at the UK Hypnosis Convention, Sinisa Kruska joins our 2024 speaker schedule for the first time…

Parts therapy is a powerful, advanced approach to hypnotherapy that allows the resolution of inner conflicts within the human mind. Whenever there are conflicting emotions, thoughts, beliefs, experiences and other psychological forces, more common approaches, such as direct suggestions, age regression, reframing, etc., are usually insufficient to provide long-term transformation.
In this presentation, you will learn how parts therapy helps to identify these conflicting forces, gain a deeper insight into their true purpose, and mediate between them to find the best solution for the client. You will also learn how to identify and utilise useful parts as valuable resources to achieve goals.

Sinisa Kruska is a Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach who works internationally with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds on their personal development and the promotion of physical, emotional and mental health. Originally trained in the natural sciences, he has expanded his knowledge into the fields of human mind, behaviour and spirituality. From an early age, he has been researching and applying various holistic healing modalities, integrating modern scientific knowledge with the ancient spiritual teachings of various traditions. With over 25 years of professional experience, the last 13 as a certified hypnotherapist, Sinisa has helped thousands of people recognise and unleash the hidden powers of their minds and use them to improve all aspects of their lives.

Hear more from Sinisa in this video clip.

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