2023 UKHC Speakers: Jorgen Rasmussen – When Clients Don’t Change & Hypnosis Doesn’t Work

Jørgen Rasmussen

We welcome back Jørgen Rasmussen to the UK Hypnosis Convention this year.

Jørgen Rasmussen has seen clients professionally for 26 years and attracts clients from all over the world. He is the author of the book Provocative Hypnosis (2008) and Provocative Suggestions (2015). He teaches The Psychological Illusion Model internationally as well as working as a mentor for hypnotherapists.

Jørgen’s presentation is titled: “When Clients Don’t Change and Hypnosis Doesn’t Work”

How To Troubleshoot When Working With Difficult Clients

This presentation is a “warts and all” exploration of what to do when nothing seems to work when working with clients. It goes into typical mistakes hypnotherapists make, beliefs and ways of thinking that get in the way of clients changing, and relationship factors that can get in the way of change.

I will also talk about what to do when the client does not seem to respond well to hypnosis.

The presentation is based on 26 years of running a full-time practice. Eight of those were spent running an “impossibles practice” with people who had not succeeded in traditional therapy with a no change no pay policy.

Hear from Jørgen in this video.

Full details about Jørgen Rasmussen, his presentation and how to buy tickets can all be found here at the UKHC website.