2024 UKHC Speaker Line-Up Announced

The 2024 UKHC Speaker Schedule is Live!

The schedule and line-up for the 2024 UK Hypnosis Convention is now live and public on the convention website.

Some points of note:

Firstly, although the timings have remained the same as last year, the formerly hour-long slot immediately after lunch has been divided into two 30 minute speaker slots. Many major congress events and conferences now consider 30 minute presentations to be the longest they’ll offer, and more evidence pointing to human beings inability to focus and concentrate for much longer led to this change to the schedule along with lots of feedback to this effect from our attendees.

Secondly, we have done our best to schedule so that similar subjects are not being offered at the same time slot – that is, you should always find 3 topics that are contrasting as much as possible in each time slot.

The line-up has been organised primarily due to feedback and requests received by our attendees along with the ethos that we seek to uphold for the convention as I did my best to disseminate publicly in videos and on our application page. It (the schedule announcement) has been later than usual as we had 3 times as many applications as we have speaker slots and it has taken a lot of work.

We are delighted with it, we think it is cooler than a line-up of multi-coloured Llamas wearing party hats and sunglasses, that’s for sure. There is so much on offer to stimulate, educate, provoke, inspire and we are so excited to share it with you. I can’t wait for November now – along with our Sunday interview, closing keynote, Saturday Gala dinner entertainment, Friday night live event (and more announcements to come) we believe this to be an unparalleled event for the professional hypnosis community.

Look out for discount codes being offered by our speakers, and I’ll be sharing the link for discounted hotel rooms next week.

Full schedule here at this page of the convention website.

Best wishes, Adam and the UKHC Team.