Sophie Fletcher

2022 UKHC Speakers: Sophie Fletcher – The Alchemy of Language and Hypnosis

Bestselling author of 3 books published by Penguin, hypnotherapist Sophie Fletcher will be presenting “The Alchemy of Language and Hypnosis.” Although Sophie is known for her work on hypnosis with birth and menopause, her deeper interest is language and how we use it. She has a Masters in European Languages and Culture and her Dissertation[…]

Linda Bromage

2022 UKHC Speakers: Linda Bromage – Hypnosis is Phenomenal

Dental professional, hypnotherapist and lecturer at UCL in Dental Hypnosis Linda Bromage will be presenting “Hypnosis is Phenomenal – Introducing Neurophenomenology to hypnosis” at this year’s convention.  Although the social interaction is basic to some definitions of hypnotic procedures (Barnier & Nash, 2008), very little, if anything, is written about it in research reports. A[…]