Kathy Gruver

2022 UKHC Speakers: Kathy Gruver – Creating a Values Based Practice

Life coach, speaker, author and hypnotherapist with 30+ years of experience, Kathy Gruver visits us once again from the US, this time out she is presenting “Creating a Values-Based Practice.” Do you know what your core life and business values are? If not, you may be missing out on the keys that will help you[…]

Linda Witchell

2022 UKHC Speakers: Linda Witchell – Managing Test Anxiety with Hypnosis

Award-winning hypnotherapist Linda Witchell will be presenting “Managing Test Anxiety with Hypnosis” at this year’s UK Hypnosis Convention. Test anxiety has a huge impact on not only the individual but also society. Tests, exams and other knowledge and skills measures are everywhere in life. There are tests at school, college, university and work but they[…]

Karen Puttick

2022 UKHC Speakers: Karen Puttick – Adaptive Hypnotherapy for Children

The Hypnotic Happiness Coach herself, Karen Puttick returns to the UKHC this year with her presentation “Adaptive Hypnotherapy for Children.” Karen specialises in working with children and young people, some with SENs. In this presentation you’ll learn how to adapt the skills you already have as a hypnotherapist to work effectively with children. Hear what[…]