UKHC 2024 Speaker Videos: Graham Webber – Should We Use Magic in the Therapy Room?

Graham Webber

We have a double whammy for you today. Having been the life and soul of the party in 2023, we welcome back Graham Webber as a presenter in 2024.

Graham’s presentation entitled Should We Use Magic in the Therapy Room? will be in the Blackfriars Room at 3.30pm on the Friday of the convention this year….

Magical Introductions to Therapy and Street Hypnosis.

Whichever way you like to explain hypnosis, let’s face it… we all have a different model, which can sometimes be complicated for the client. Also, if you are working with younger clients, you may not want to explain in a scientific explanation for the same reason.

With nearly 20 years of experience as a magician and 15 years of hypnosis, Graham has found what he deems the perfect balance for magical concepts and practicalities that any therapist can use in the therapy room and as a demonstration to the layman, helping to give them a belief in hypnosis and understanding.

Using these techniques can help cement the understanding of what you are trying to explain or help the client relax as you help release their inner child for that moment, allowing for rapport to be at the highest level before any change work.

Graham Webber, a Therapist, Entertainer and Soldier in the Armed forces has been in the Hypnosis environment for circa 15 years. Once a trainer for the UK Hypnosis Academy teaching Kinetic Shift. He more recently has been managing Hypnosis Online Meet Ups for the last 6 years where he has hosted many of the top presenters (including Adam) to share findings in their field. Graham also presented at the 2019 UKHC, talking about working with Military personnel.

Further information, full schedule and tickets can be purchased here at the convention website.