UKHC 2024 Speakers: Dr Rachel Gillibrand – The Experience of Hypnosis in the Neurodiverse Brain

Rachel Gillibrand

At this year’s UK Hypnosis Convention, we have a number of speakers presenting on and around topics of neurodiversity in line with the increasing demand for practitioners to have a better understanding of this and related topics within the clinical setting. We’ll be sharing videos from two such presentations today.

We’re delighted that we will welcome back Rachel Gillibrand this year who will present “The Experience of Hypnosis in the Neurodiverse Brain” at 10-11am in the Waterloo Suite on Saturday of the convention.

Is Trance Experienced Differently in Neurotypical Brains?

Using EEG I will present images of the brain in trance in people with diagnoses of neurodiversity. We will compare the brain responses of those who are considered neurodiverse to those of people who consider themselves to be neurotypical and discuss the similarities and differences as they progress through different elements of trance. We will then consider the applications of this knowledge to our practice of trance and hypnotherapy.

Dr Rachel Gillibrand is a Health Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist who worked in academia for 20 years. Rachel has been conducting research into what happens in the brain during trance since becoming a hypnotherapist 9 years ago and uses EEG to measure the changes in different areas of the brain in particular associated with emotion and creativity.

Hear more from Rachel in this video clip.

Further information and full schedule can be found and tickets can be purchased here at the convention website.