UKHC 2024 Speakers: Ruth Roethlisberger – Visualization and Hypnotic Flow Against Anxiety

Ruth Roethlisberger

How to help your teenage clients to find their inner flow again when suffering from anxiety

We welcome back Ruth after a hiatus from the UKHC, she’ll be presenting at 10.00am in the Southwark room on Friday of the convention.

Anxiety in teenagers often shows itself in various ways, from sleeping problems to panic attacks and depression, from stomachaches to school refusal.

Due to a rise in social media use over the past 20 years and the pandemic on top, we see the number of teenagers suffering from anxiety rising in most countries across Europe and the US.

So, we can all be sure that we will face some form of mental health issue in our daily work as hypnotherapists sooner or later.

By attending the talk, you will get an insight into how to use the power of visualization combined with the strength of a hypnotic flow induced by movement. I will explain a powerful way to address teenage anxiety and how I support them to get back into a feeling of ease, strength and flow.

  • Step 1: by using visualization, the teenage client can turn bad feelings into objects and remove them
  • Step 2: through hypnotic flow, the teenage client gets a perfect booster for their self-healing powers and will feel stronger and in flow after a session.

That’s how we create a life with less anxiety and more strength and flow to move forward.

My name is Ruth Röthlisberger and I started my own Hypnosis Practice in 2016. When I first started I was mostly working with adults. Over time this changed, and I became more and more specialized in working with kids & teens and their topics around sleep patterns, ADHD and anciety. on top of being a hypnotherapist trained in different kinds of hypnosis from classic hypnosis to non-verbal hypnosis to active alert hypnosis, I also am an ADHD coach and visualization coach. I have been presenting at different hypnosis conventions and am an activeflow instructor.

Hear more from Ruth in this video clip.

Further information, full schedule and tickets can be purchased here at the convention website.