UKHC 2024 Speakers: Paulina Trevana – Visualisation Ability and Mental Health: What Are the Links?

Dr Paulina Trevana

Paulina returns at 11.15am on the Saturday of this year’s convention, in the Blackfriars room….

Can your visualisation ability impact your mental health? If so, in what way? Why is this important for us to understand as hypnotherapists?

In this presentation, I will take you on the fascinating journey of imagery extremes (aphantasia and hyperphantasia) and their role in shaping our mental health. Is having vivid mental imagery a pro or a con? What about not having any mental imagery at all? How can mental imagery impact our experiences of trauma? And conversely – how might experiencing trauma impact mental imagery?

Based on research findings and case studies, we will discuss these and other questions.

This presentation will help you better understand how mental imagery may impact your clients’ mental health and how to adjust your therapeutic approach accordingly.

Dr Paulina Trevena is a researcher and hypnotherapist. Paulina, who is neurodivergent with aphantasia and ADHD, specialises in supporting people with these conditions. During her own hypnosis training, she realised having aphantasia was a barrier to experiencing hypnosis – and started a research project into aphantasia and hypnosis. Her mission is to raise awareness of aphantasia and promote best practice in working with clients who have limited or no mental imagery.

Hear more from Paulina in this video clip.

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