UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Nick Davies

Nick Davies is a psychotherapist, a hypnotherapist, a trainer and speaker in the UK and Europe. Nick is also the owner of the Warwickshire School of Hypnotherapy, and he also runs Nick Davies Sports Psychology where he works with sports men and women at all levels.

Nick specialises in working with PTSD and trauma quickly and permanently and has subsequently earned the title ‘The PTSD Whisperer.’
At this year’s UKHC, Nick will be speaking on the subject of Depression and his presentation on the Sunday at 4pm is called ‘Dissolving Depression Technique’. In this conversation, Nick discusses how he became interested in working with depression and his own personal experience of this issue.
Nick goes on to outline some of what will be included in his comprehensive presentation which will be packed full of information for audience members to take away and use with their own clients. Nick refers to his ‘Rucksack Model’ which he uses when working with depression and how he intends to demonstrate this with someone from the audience on the day.

Further details and tickets can be bought at the relevant pages of this website.

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