UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Greg McColl

Greg McColl is a hypnotherapist, coach and trainer of NLP, hypnosis and communication. His presentation is “No fluff (no magic wands or hoo-hah): Remembering…You Already Know How To Do This?”

In this interview, Greg talks to Sarah Mortimer about the fascination with quick fix protocols and some of the reasons behind it. They discuss how ‘going back to basics’, building confidence, and deepening our understanding of the mechanisms behind techniques can help us progress as hypnotherapists, moving away from our reliance on specific protocols and the like.

They conclude by briefly discussing Greg’s shift in his thinking on the subject and what else to expect from the presentation.

For more details about Greg’s presentation and to buy tickets for the 2019 UK Hypnosis Convention, visit the relevant pages of this website.  

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