UKHC 2024 Speakers: Steven Blake – Why Manage Pain When Removal is an Option

Revealing the hidden message of chronic pain – at 3-4pm in the Waterloo suite on Sunday of the convention.

Pain is a complex language our bodies use to signal issues. Acute pain is like a clear warning sign, directing immediate action. Chronic pain is an ambiguous distress call, signalling an unspecified problem. OldPain2Go attempts to decipher the true intent behind chronic pain, empowering individuals to make informed decisions. Through understanding and choosing the appropriate action, the necessity for the pain message ceases, bringing about instant relief. You can help people break free from unnecessary suffering and gain clarity on their path forward.

Steven is the creator of OldPain2Go, a methodology for helping people become free of chronic pain. It works by discovering the cause of why the pain alarm has stuck on and having the brain reassess the need for pain based on updated criteria, providing instant and lasting relief. Many hypnotherapists have trained in OldPain2Go so far of the 1,700 practitioners trained worldwide since 2016.

Steven and his team will also have a table in our lobby and reception area, so come and visit them there too.

Hear more from Steven in this video clip.

Further information, full schedule and tickets can be purchased here at the convention website.