UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Kev Sheldrake

Finally today, I talk with Kev Sheldrake; hacker, magician and hypnotist. Alongside this year’s keynote speaker Anthony Jacquin, he founded and ran Head Hacking: a brilliant company in my opinion that popularised street hypnosis, ran hypnosis trainings and ran the annual hypnosis conference “change | phenomena”.

There was a lot of love for Head Hacking – at least from where I (Adam) was sitting I could see a lot of love for head hacking throughout the years I was around them. Kev explains that this presentation is going to be some reflections from inside the exciting and experimental hypnosis collective that they were.

Kev talks about what we can expect from his presentation as he will chart the development of their thoughts on hypnosis, but also wants to reveal the untold story from inside Head Hacking, which Kev describes as the hypnosis company that tried to change the world.

For more details about Kev’s presentation and to buy tickets for the 2019 UK Hypnosis Convention, visit the relevant pages on this website.

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