UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Fredric Mau

Fredric Mau is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and has just been named Outstanding Counsellor by the South Carolina Counseling Association. He speaks on psychotherapeutic counselling and clinical hypnosis all around the world. This year Frederic will be giving a 2-hour presentation on The Three Doors: The Core Protocol to Treat Anxiety.

In this interview, Fredric talks to Sarah Mortimer about the increase in clients with anxiety-related issues over his years as a practising therapist.

Fredric shares how the Three Doors protocol came about and evolved over the years, becoming his ‘go-to’ process for generalised anxiety.

He discusses what his presentation will entail, offering up both a theoretical framework and demonstrating how it can be used in practice with a lucky member of the audience.

For more details about Fredric’s presentation and to buy tickets for the 2019 UK Hypnosis Convention, visit the relevant pages at this website.