UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Graham Webber

As a serving soldier, Graham Webber started using hypnosis following a love of magic. Then, upon discovering that a colleague was suffering with PTSD, Graham began to look into how hypnosis could help with this.
Graham’s presentation at this year’s UKHC intends to help the audience understand the military mind. This will look at how military personnel speak, think and behave so that the therapist working in this context will have greater understanding and ultimately rapport with the client in front of them.

In this conversation with Etain McNulty, Graham discusses his aim to convey to the audience many of the points for a therapist to pay attention to and be aware of when working with the military. These include language, background experiences and overall temperament.

To come and watch Graham’s presentation and top buy tickets for the UK Hypnosis Convention, visit the relevant pages on this website.

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