UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Felix Economakis

Felix Economakis is a Chartered Psychologist and a clinical hypnotherapist. He is widely known for his work with clients experiencing selective eating disorders.

This year, Felix will be giving a presentation to the UK Hypnosis Convention entitled “The 4Rs- Hypnosis Like Results without Hypnosis”.

In this interview, Etain McNulty talks to Felix about the fact that, although the 4Rs approach is most readily identified with work around Selective Eating Disorders, this can actually be applied to any trauma or phobic response and therefore has a wider application than many realise.

Felix speaks about the live demonstration that will take place during his presentation, and his hopes that in coming years’ future presentations might include a snake as a means of demonstrating the flexibility of the 4Rs model!

Felix refers to the fact that, while this is a fast approach to therapy, much of the work is done behind the scenes and lays out the importance of client responsibility.

To watch Felix’s live demonstration and enjoy his presentation, visit the tickets page on this website.

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