UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Mike Mandel

For the latest UKHC 2019 speaker interview, I am joined by the Hypno-titan that is Mike Mandel, from his holiday location up in the Northern realms of Canada.

Learn why I refer to him as being – The god Hypnos come to earth in human form. To date, Mike’s one day post-convention workshop has more people booked onto it than have attended any other previous convention workshop to date.

That workshop is MINDSCAPING – Healing in 4 Dimensions – Mike give some broad strokes about what it is and what attendees can expect to learn if they attend.

We also discuss his 2 hour presentation that he is giving on Sunday of the convention; Metaphors Be With You!

Mike talks about using metaphor and advanced story-telling to transform lives and gives a very impressive real-life account of how powerful this can be.

You can find out more details about Mike Mandel’s one day workshop and his presentation and buy tickets for both here at this website.

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