UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Dipti Tait

I am joined by Dipti Tait today. Dipti is a hypnotherapist, an author, a dedicated Mum and Pink enthusiast! I’ve even worn a tie to attempt to keep up on that front in this video‚Ķ.

Dipti is going to be presenting for two hours on Friday of the convention on how to – Become a Free Flowing Hypnotic Detective (in this video we share a love of Columbo) and how to create unique language patterns on the spot.

Dipti talks of her love for teaching through demonstration and so will be seeking volunteers to join her on stage as she shows us how she works and to top it all, she’ll be sharing a crib sheet (I know how people love a good crib sheet!).

There will be a chance to apply what you learn and ask questions and of course, get to see in real-life what colour hair Dipti has in November.

Come and join Dipti for her comprehensive 2 hour presentation, all the details can be found on the relevant pages here at this website.

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