UKHC 2019 SPeaker Interviews – Andrew Parr

It’s our final speaker interview before this year’s UKHC….

Andrew Parr has been a hypnotherapist since 1992 and has seen in excess of 16000 clients. Prior to embarking on his hypnotherapy career, Andrew was a punk rock guitarist who one day decided to take the leap of faith to work FT as a hypnotherapist.

Andrew talks about Judi, who on one of his training courses slipped into a 5 hour like trance state, with brief moments of clarity wondering how she got there, and slipping back in and out of this state. Andrew will be talking about how he managed this situation and how he bought Judi back into the present.

Andrew also talks about his theory of de-hypnotising people, some people think that hypnotism is weird and wonderful and indeed as we know it can be. However, Andrew likes to educate his clients to the fact that their theory of mind is based upon their experience, once this is updated their life can change in many ways.

We discussed Andrews love of daydreaming and how this supports his practice, by stepping away from the protocols and step by step guide to hypnosis, daydreaming allows one to really listen and tune into the client’s unconscious communications.

Andrew is talking at 8.30am on Saturday 9th November. For more information and to by tickets, visit the relevant pages of this website.

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