Unlocking the Power of the Mind with Hypnosis and NLP for Weight Loss and Food Addiction

Didi Vergados

Presented by

Didi Vergados

Full Day Workshop

11th November

Price: £185.00

Change The Brain With Hypnosis And NLP For Weight Loss And Food Addiction

In this one day seminar participants will learn how when we change our minds our brains change, and when we change our brains our minds change. Didi will also be sharing the latest discoveries in how our brains get wired for food addiction, research on the efficacy and utilization of hypnosis for weight loss, how to use hypnosis to deal with emotional eating and how to break the cycle of food addiction using the power of disgust and aversion.

This is an informational as well as experiential based workshop. Students will have the opportunity to learn and gain experience though working with one another on any limitations or addictions they may be experiencing at the time of the workshop.

You Will Learn

The ins and outs of what food addiction is and how it’s created in the brain so that you can educate your clients, or the public at large, when asked why hypnosis is so effective for weight loss and food addiction.

You will also learn step by step effective techniques that will address the various levels of change that need to occur so that your clients will be successful on their weight loss journey such as: How to create aversions so your clients never want to touch their trigger foods again, how to create a mind set for maximum motivation with minimal effort, and how to empower your client so they are no longer eating emotionally. 

And finally if you find it difficult to ask for full payment from your clients for your services, you will learn how to offer your clients a weight loss package so that they fully understand why their investment with you will be successful and ultimately pay off for them in the end.  

  • Gain an understanding, along with powerful tools on how to maximize your clients mind set for motivation in their weight loss journey
  • The neuroscience and research behind habits, food addictions and why hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools for weight loss so that you can speak confidently to your clients or the public at large.
  • Understand how to identify food triggers and the relationship between emotions and food triggers so that you can deal effectively with emotional eating
  • 3 fast and effective Neuro-hacks that use aversion to break addiction neurologically in the brain.
  • How to get your clients committed, so that you are guaranteed to get paid, and they will stay committed to your program.


Didi Vergados

Didi Vergados is a Certified Hypnotist (1998), a Master Health Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (1999) and the Author of Brain Hacks For Higher Success & Optimal Performance. Didi is also a sought after professional speaker in the field of emotional health and wellbeing having appeared on numerous podcasts, television shows, radio interviews as well as a presenter at various conferences. Conferences include: Hypnothoughts (3 years consecutively) and the Canadian Hypnosis Conference. Didi is passionate about weight loss and brings a wealth of information to the subject, as she herself struggled with her weight for the first 30 years of her life. Because of this, she can relate both personally and professionally to her clients.