Client-Responsive Hypnosis – Mirroring Hands

Richard Hill

Presented by

Richard Hill

Full Day Workshop

10th November

Price: £240

How to step back and allow the client to create the therapeutic experience, utilising your expertise.

This workshop takes you through the nature, approach and techniques first developed by Ernest Rossi and his work with Milton Erickson, which is long been known as Mirroring Hands. Richard Hill was asked by Rossi to write the modern textbook, The Practitioners Guide to Mirroring Hands, and the workshop is based on the book. We will learn about and practice the art of client-responsive work, which is where Rossi and Hill believe Erickson would be working today.


Richard Hill

Richard Hill is a practising psychotherapist, author, educator, and supervisor. He speaks internationally on human dynamics, communications, the brain and mind and the impact of curiosity on behaviour and wellbeing. His recent book is with Ernest Rossi, PhD, The Practitioner’s Guide to Mirroring Hands, which describes a Client-Responsive Approach to therapy. He is Past-President of GAINS; Patron of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists; and Managing Editor of The Science of Psychotherapy monthly magazine.