When to Help and When to Refer Elsewhere

A guide for liaising with safeguarding teams and other clinicians

Gemma Bailey

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Gemma Bailey

Using my decades of experience I will share with you case studies of some of the most extreme mental health challenges bought to me by clients and how I made the decision to either help them or refer them on elsewhere.

I’ll also share with you the process for (and challenges associated with) making a referral to other services including safeguarding services and how you go about escalating a case to the right people.

Gemma Bailey is a coach and therapist. She is the director of People Building, who offer NLP training and Hypnotherapy training. She is the director and creator of NLP4Kids which includes 30+ active practitioners who provide one to one therapy to children and families in the local community and in schools. In 2016 she created Superheroes, a not for profit company which enables those with limited financial resources to access mental and emotional support.

1 hour presentation
14:45 - 15:45

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