All the way through the looking glass with Provocative Change Work

A two-hour introduction to the PCW model

Nick Kemp

Presented by

Nick Kemp

  • Demonstration of the two PCW techniques Steve Andreas confirmed as the most effective of all techniques he had come across in NLP & personal change  
  • Working in the here and now free from the limitations of step by step protocols  
  • Real life examples of PCW used in sports, business and therapy for client success  
  • The art of provocation and the core 27 stances used by a PCW practitioner  
  • PCW metaphor elicitation and challenges for successful coaching outcomes  
  • Accelerated hypnotic patterns and fractionation for effective client change  
  • Psycho education and micro adjustments to provide the difference that makes the difference in client work

I have been involved in personal change for over 40 years, having studied many approaches including NLP and hypnosis before coming across Provocative Therapy in 2004. I became a good friend and in latter years co trainer with Frank Farrelly who left me his life’s work when he passed a few years ago. Frank’s work helped me develop my own PCW (Provocative Change Works) approach which I now have taught in the USA, Japan, India, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Austria, Ireland, Israel, Hungary and the UK. As well as teaching globally, I run an online student platform and two private clinics in the UK as well as services for the corporate sector.

2 hour presentation
17:00 - 18:45
Kew Theatre

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