Hypnosis for Pain Relief

Practical, Ethical, Neurologically Powerful

Fredric Mau

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Dr Fredric Mau

Physical pain relief is arguably the most effective use of hypnosis. If your client suffers ongoing pain, any other issues they are facing will worsen. Hypnotic pain relief is so powerful that, in clinical studies, it is effective for even low-suggestible clients. Opioid blockers can block acupuncture- or placebo-based relief, but not hypnotic pain relief. Dr. Mau will demonstrate practical techniques you can use immediately with your clients and describe the neurological basis of pain relief. Hypnosis is a standard of care process in the US – not complimentary or alternative – treatment for physical pain, which can be safely and ethically administered by consulting hypnotists. You can understand it and do it!

In 2017 Fredric Mau, D.Min., M.A. M.Div., LPCS, LPC, was asked to present on hypnotic pain relief for the South Carolina Workers'; Compensation Educational Association. This highlighted the need for nonpharmacological pain relief, and led Dr. Mau to create a two-day training for physicians and related professionals which has been provided through the Medical University of SC as well as hospitals. This began as a personal story of infirmity and healing.

1 hour presentation
09:00 - 10:00

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